A Prayer Before Reading The Bible

“I will pursue Your commands, for You expand my understanding.”

Psalms 119:32 NLT

During such times as these we must remain in the Bible, and seek wisdom from God, through His Word. It can be tempting to sleep in or start your without spending intimate time with God. Through Christ, we are stronger that. We must fight for our relationship with our Creator and His Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus has been given all authority and yet He still wants to spend time with us? Amazing! What an incredible God we serve.

Pray Before You Read

Heavenly Father,

Praise and Honor be Your name. I come before You today, ready to spend time with You and Your Son, Jesus Christ.

Thank you so much for the precious gift of the Holy Spirit—who you have sent to guide me even as I read the Bible. I ask that Your Holy Spirit will open my eyes and lead me to Truth through Your Word.

The Bible is inspired by You, given to man as a tool to help teach, train, correct and rebuke me so that I, Your servant, may be thoroughly equipped for every assignment You place before me.

As I spend time in Your Word, help me to not get distracted with thoughts that are not Kingdom related. However, my God, give me an ear to hear from Your divine Word.

I pray that Your Spirit gives me wisdom and revelation as I am reading. LORD, my God, I want to know You more deeply than I do. Give me a better and have a great understanding of Your Word.

Soften my heart that I may receive what You are sharing with me in this season. Teach me Your decrees and precepts. I will be still before You today, listening and discerning Your voice.

I desire to be Your student, who is unashamed of the Gospel and who is deeply connected to the Vine, your Son—Jesus Christ.

It’s in Jesus Christ mighty name I pray. Amen.

One response to “A Prayer Before Reading The Bible”

  1. Beautiful prayer. Following the example of prayer you have shared will help those who cross this path to grow in pursuing true Relationship with Our LORD and Savior in Heaven.

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