I Don’t Read

A few months ago, I was shopping at a grocery store near by. I had just gotten finished paying for things, when I realized that I had forgotten to purchase batteries. Just days before, my megaphone from Amazon came in the mail and of course batteries were not included. Excited to use my megaphone for my weekend prayer walks, I rushed back in to find the batteries. I searched aisle after aisle and could not find them. I noticed an employee of the grocery store and I asked for her to point me in the direction of the batteries. The employee pointed to her right and said, “they are right here.” There it was… a huge sign in the center of the store that read: “BATTERIES.” The woman said, “Don’t worry. You’re a customer.” It took me a minute but I believe she meant customers DON’T read. I went home a winner.

Zakia Bee


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